These are the best countries to own vacation homes, but it’s not as easy as you might think


You may be asking yourself “is international real estate right for me?” and if you are, these are the countries to consider.

Owning a vacation home can be a great way to afford a vacation while deferring more than half the cost of taking one. However, owning a vacation home in another country can be life-changing for the better. Not only is this a constant escape from one country to another (the obvious reason), but it opens up a whole new world of investment opportunities if it’s something that interests a potential owner.

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But we’re not a real estate website – so statistics aside, let’s get back to what we’re really looking for: where can a person find a vacation home that is affordable, vacation-worthy, and beneficial in the future? Surprisingly, there are many places an international homeowner could consider, but not all of them are so easy to get loans or dive into real estate. If it’s something you’re considering, however, these are the best places to start looking, according to data from Real estate agent and Investopedia.


One of the most popular Caribbean destinations is Aruba and, yes, it’s one of the best places to search for a vacation home from 2021. That’s great news considering how versatile the hotel is. A person’s Aruba itinerary, whether they choose to spend the whole day soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach or opt for a more adventurous and active routine that involves water sports or recreation on the sand.

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There aren’t many limits to the number of island-worthy activities that can be done here and each day brings new and exciting things to explore and experience. From food to culture, there’s not much not to love about Aruba – including its low real estate prices. Homes can be found relatively easy and flexible for most budgets, ranging from a starting price of $ 60,000 to $ 250,000, depending on Real estate agent. Since Aruba is a Caribbean getaway for most people, there is very little chance that any investment will lose its value.


More precisely, the city of Palermo. Anyone who has been to Sicily knows that the allure behind it is completely authentic, with its perfectly sculpted cliffs and charming culture, with a history that predates many in the region. Palermo is enchanting in every way, from its warm seasonal temperatures all year round to its coastal vibes, with perfect beaches any time of the year.

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The countryside of Palermo is known for its vineyards and there is also plenty to do in its towns, which means that there will never be a boring day for those who vacation there. Having a home on this island will allow travelers to experience Italy in a whole new way, as they will be part of a wonderful community with access to everything there is to love about this Italian island. Palermo is a big investment, however – it’s not as affordable as other islands and while the cost of living is high there, it’s an investment that will likely pay off over time.


Not everyone is looking for a tropical getaway or an exotic island in the sun. However, that doesn’t mean Norway can’t see the sun! Some travelers are enchanted by ancient fjords and majestic mountain views and if so, Norway, especially Bergen, is the place to look. As one of Norway’s most scenic destinations, there is nothing better than these brightly colored houses that line the edges of every glacial waterway.


Having that ‘small town’ feel takes on new meaning in Norway – not only are its towns small enough for everyone to know its neighbors, but this country truly knows a sense of community. There is also plenty for the active lifestyle to do, as Norway is such a beautiful place to explore. Real estate isn’t what a lot of people expect out there, however, and the median price of a home is around $ 280,000, according to Real estate agent, which is not much different from finding a home in many states in the United States


Croatia is known for its old world charm and stunning seaside architecture, much of which is carved into various towns along its cliffs. Everything about this country, from its food to its culture, is loved by everyone who visits. The crystal-clear aquamarine waters that surround the country don’t hurt its reputation either, and it’s the perfect spot for those who can’t stand being far from the seaside.

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There are many cities in this breathtaking country in which to consider buying real estate, but interested buyers should be aware that prices vary widely. The minimum price for a house in Croatia is around $ 150,000, which might fit well into some budgets, but prices can range from one to two million, depending on the location and features of the house.

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