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Laura Huhtasaari, 42, MEP for the Right-Wing Finnish Party in Brussels, took to social media to express her frustrations with the European Union. Ms Huhtasaari, who previously held a seat for Finland’s second-largest party in Helsinki, launched a furious tirade against the bloc on Monday and said further Brexit-style exits were inevitable.

The Finnish MEP posted on Twitter: “The issue of China and Russia is not critical for the EU, but federalist.

“Federalism caused Brexit and will also cause new exits.

“The EU could do a great job as a union of independent states, a turn for the greedy and power hungry is not enough.”

According to a post-referendum opinion poll conducted by Lord Ashcroft, 75, the main reason the British chose to vote ‘Leave’ was because ‘decisions about the UK should be made in the UK’ .

The third most important reason cited by those in favor of Brexit was that ‘staying meant little or no choice over how the EU expanded its membership or its powers’, while the second most important was immigration.

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While Ms Huhtasaari appeared to blow up Brussels, this is not the first time she has sided with Britain on Brexit on the continental bloc in recent months.

After France was outraged by Australia’s decision to reject a multibillion-pound deal to secure the AUKUS deal with Britain and the United States, the Finnish MEP complained that the EU member states would “all pay a price for the pride of France”.

She also said before “Finns need to understand that EU membership is incompatible with Finland’s real independence and sovereignty, and therefore even true democracy.

“British citizens, who voted for Brexit, deeply recognized it.

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“There is no reason for the Danes to stay in the EU,” he told GB News.

Despite Mr Farage’s claim, a February poll by YouGov found that Danish voters strongly support staying in the EU – with a 62% to 23% margin.

Poland has also increased pressure on the European Union on the rule of law issue.

Despite the deterioration of relations between Warsaw and Brussels, the United Surveys poll found that one in five Polish voters would support severing ties with the European Union.


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