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The former head of the European Central Bank took over from Giuseppe Conte after the Rome government collapsed when the liberal Italia Viva party withdrew its support from the ruling coalition. Eurosceptics have now criticized the appointment of Mr Draghi.

One person tweeted: “They might as well have taken the oath to Ursula von der Leyen.

“Draghi is 100% loyal to Brussels, 0% to Rome.

“This amounts to direct domination of Italy by the European Union.

“The sovereignty of Italy has been transferred to Belgium.

“This will only increase Italian Euroscepticism and speed up Italexit.”

Charles-Henri Gallois, the leader of the Generation Frexit, had previously declared: “What a clown!

“A renunciation which shows that he is there above all for the places.

“Gianluigi Paragone and our Italexit allies are Italy’s only hope.”

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Another said: “Draghi is the man of the Brussels square.

“If he was a stick of stone he would have written ‘EU’ across him.”

Someone else said: “The EU dictatorship imposes Mario Draghi as Prime Minister without any election.

“After Berlusconi was ousted while he was Prime Minister, the EU staged a second coup.

“Quickly Frexit and Italexit for this beautiful country that is Italy!

“Forza Italia and Vive la France Libre!”

Another added: “So another string for Italy, with ex-ECB chief Mario Draghi being asked to form a government.

“It’s time for Italexit to happen!”

Many have also criticized Matteo Salvini, an open critic of the EU, following his dramatic turn.

Mr. Salvini pledged to support Europe by announcing his support for Mr. Draghi.

Speaking on Radio 24, he said: “I leave the labels to others: fascist, communist, Europeanist. I am a pragmatic person.

“If, with Professor Draghi, we can talk about tax cuts for individuals and businesses, I agree.”

He added: “We have hands, feet, hearts and brains in Europe, but I want a Europe that stands up for Italian businesses and agriculture.”

After Mr Draghi was sworn in as Italian prime minister over the weekend, world leaders took to social media to congratulate him.

The President of the European Commission, Ms von der Leyen, tweeted: “Congratulations to Mario Draghi, sworn president of the Council of Ministers in Italy.

“Your experience will be an exceptional asset for Italy and Europe as a whole, especially in these difficult times.

“I look forward to working with you for our common recovery and an ambitious Europe.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Congratulations to Mario Draghi on his swearing in as the new Italian Prime Minister.

“I look forward to working closely with you in 2021 as we host the G7, you host the G30org and we co-host COP26.”

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