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Denis Sanders


If you tell a big enough lie and repeat it often, people will start to believe it. The Lies Said Republicans Will Abolish Social Security, More Crime In Red States, People Don’t Care About Broken Windows Crime, Abortion Is A Constitutional Right, Student Loans Will Be Forgiven, Blacks Are More affected by poverty. Biden pulls Obama’s card even though I think we’re in Obama’s third term. Keep blaming the last president for your failures. Obama spent $10 trillion and $20 million more on welfare by relaxing work rules. Biden has spent 3.1 trillion so far and put another 20 million on welfare and 5 million illegals on welfare who crossed the open border.

The idea is to legalize all of these people to vote in the 2024 election. That’s why Democrats want to end the filibuster. Hitler controlled banks, car manufacturers, energy supplies and indoctrinated children to follow his ideology. Sound familiar? The Department of Justice is being used much like the Third Reich to prosecute anyone who doesn’t follow their ideology. Four years under Trump have been the best of any president for many years. This scared the Democrats. In old Italy, when the mafia was threatened, it attacked its adversaries. If you are black or Latino, you must vote Democrat. Democrats are still pushing this plantation mentality. 79% of black people still support Democrats even though they have only been divisive. Democrats knew the George Floyd debacle was a lie and it took three medical examiners to get the results they wanted. BLM tried and convicted Chauvin under jury duress. The Democrats let two years of rioting, burning and looting continue because they knew that if they stopped them, they would lose the black vote. It’s all about power. Democrats are investigating the origin of Covid, but it won them the election. It’s just mind-boggling that people find abortion birth control more important than the 9% inflation that doubles gas and food prices. Ironically, I keep hearing my body, my choice, but they fell silent when an untested vaccine was forced on you. But Democrats continue to give raises to the social elite, 12% last week, 25% and another 15% since Biden took over as president. The education system has become hell in this country because of the lack of interest in children. When I went to school, the teachers tried to help children who had difficulty keeping up. Today, stock rating is administered. Instead of raising the educational level of children, they simply lower the grades to push them through the system. It’s the mentality of everyone who gets a trophy because white kids have privilege and it’s their fault that poor kids can’t learn. Teachers were happy that Berkeley County Schools started this. They claimed it would make their job easier. Not my words.


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