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Ellie, 29, took to the social media site to slam Katie, 41, by hitting back at one of Katie’s posts about Italy leaving the EU.

The controversial columnist had posted an Italia Exit EU graphic, along with the caption: “ITALEXIT!! Another grave – welcome to the lira. Ciao ciao in the EU…how’s your day, Miss Merkel?”

Ellie replied, “Delete your account,” to which Katie replied, “Ask me nicely again. In a strange, high-pitched voice. With big hair.”

Burn’s hitmaker then immediately replied, “Delete your account” again, as Katie lambasted, “Ellie. This will never happen. Stop talking now babe, that tone is setting the dogs off.”

Katie Hopkins slams ‘chic Richmond pillocks’

Stop talking now girl, that tone triggers the dogs.

Katie Hopkins in Ellie Goulding

Without ending the row there, Ellie then posted a photo of her arm holding a trash bag full of trash, with the caption, “Take out the trash, proper. #ByeKatie #Fancysomesparring.”

One of his 6.5 million followers later suggested the pair should fight in a boxing match.

They posted: “That’s what charity boxing matches were made for.”

“I’m so, so depressed. However, that wouldn’t make good TV because it would be over in seconds,” Ellie then replied.

Katie’s latest comments come after she said people in London needed to start listening to Brexit’s 17.4million voters, as she spoke on her LBC show.


Ellie said she would challenge Katie to a boxing match

Katie HopkinsWENN

Katie said Ellie had a ‘strange high-pitched voice’

She called Richmond voters “chic pillocks” and argued that London “needs to open its ears” to Brexit voters in the UK as she suggested the majority was no longer being heard.

She said: ‘What I noticed with the Richmond by-election was that the twenty thousand votes of a few posh pillocks in Richmond.

“They spoke louder than the 17.4 million people who live in this foreign country called the rest of the UK.

“I’m a bit fed up that London thinks it’s the center of everything and I don’t hear the voice of the people I live with, I work with. That my children go to school among them, London does not listen.


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