Italian tries to trick health workers into using fake arm to try to get COVID-19 vaccination certificate without getting bitten


Rome, December 4: An Italian tried to trick health workers into obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination certificate without getting vaccinated. The 50-year-old presented a fake arm to a nurse. He attacked a silicone limb to deceive health workers. The man covered his real arm with the silicone mold. However, the nurse noticed. The man was reported to the police. The incident took place Thursday in Biella, in northwestern Italy.

The nurse told media that when she rolled up the man’s sleeves she found his skin “rubbery and cold,” reported BBC. According to her, the pigment in the skin was also too light. According to a the Republic report, after getting caught, the man persuaded the nurse to close her eyes. However, she reported the incident to the police. Vaccination against COVID-19 in Italy prevented 12,000 deaths: study.

Police have opened an investigation into the case. The head of the regional government of Piedmont, Albert Cirio, in a statement on Facebook, said: “The case verges on the ridiculous if it were not for the fact that we are talking about a gesture of enormous gravity. He added that what the man had done was “unacceptable”. The man would be a health worker. He was suspended from his duties for not having been vaccinated. Italy starts giving COVID-19 booster shots to people over 60.

The Italian government has decided to exclude unvaccinated people from certain leisure activities in a bid to contain the rise in coronavirus infections and avoid crippling financial lockdowns just as the economy begins to grow again. Notably, there are reports of the new variant of COVID-19 Omicron detected in Italy. According to Italian news agency LaPresse, an Italian who traveled to Mozambique tested positive for the omicron variant. The traveler reportedly landed in Rome on November 11 and returned home near Naples.

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