Italian cities sell houses for $ 1


You could live The good life for much less than a Starbucks coffee.

That’s right – a number of cities in Italy sell homes for the price of around $ 1.

Fox News Reports that towns such as Salemi and Tronia in Sicily and a town named Laurenzana in the country’s province of Potenza are offering such incredibly low prices in order to attract new residents to their sites.

Laurenzana has specifically listed around 50 properties at this price, 10 of which are homes “in the historic heart of the city” while the remaining 40 have been abandoned.

But don’t let the word “abandoned” take you away from that reverie: these properties still date back to the 1800s, and, according to Travel + Leisure, feature details from this period such as wrought-iron balconies.

To sweeten the pot even further, Laurenzana mayor Michaele Ungaro has reduced the renovation fee – which has reached between $ 2,400 and $ 6,000 in other cities offering these prices – to $ 382.

So basically if you’re interested, you could get a nice house in beautiful Italy and lovingly renovate it for the price of around $ 383.

If you do want to modernize these homes, however, there is one problem: Mayor Ungaro said buyers should be prepared to pay at least $ 24,000 for such renovations.

In order to potentially snag such a great deal, interested parties must present proposals to city officials indicating the property they are interested in and explaining how they plan to renovate it.

Before anything can be finalized, interested parties must also visit Laurenzana to make this action a reality.

So basically, at the end of the day, it’s a dollar spent and a trip to Italy taken. What else do you need?


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