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And former Brexit Party MEP Mr Lowe believes Britain’s departure from the bloc will likely pave the way for more departures – despite attempts by Brussels to intimidate the other 27 EU countries to submit. Euroscepticism in Italy has grown in recent years, with a poll released in August suggesting that nearly half of all Italians would support an ‘Italexit’ if they considered Brexit a success.

Advocates – such as Gianluigi Paragone, who launched his No Europe for Italy party earlier this year, with the blessing of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, argue that the EU’s £ 677 billion bailout against coronavirus will drag his country into huge debt.

Mr Lowe told “This is such an important question.

“The government should put the interests of the British people at the top of its agenda.

“We are dealing with a Europe which is desperate because if we leave we will effectively represent 19 countries in terms of trade and GDP and we ultimately have a trade deficit with the EU of £ 100 billion.

“So there is no real logic in what the Europeans are doing – the only logic is that they think that if they punish Britain enough, no one else will break ranks.

“Because if we go and succeed, Italy will follow very quickly.

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“They are forced not to do what they should be doing, which is to act in the best interests of their people.

“Instead, they are forced to try to defend this post-war experience in the bureaucracy.”

Speaking in August, Mr. Paragone, former senator of the Five Star Movement, pledged to free his country “from the cage of the European Union and the single currency”.

Last week, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Express, party spokesman Sergio Montanaro said: “Our goal is to leave the EU because it is possible.

“It is a question of political will. The Italian people, like the British, want to get out of this cage.

“Our plan is simple. We will bring people to Parliament who wish to leave the European Union.

“Several signature collections have been carried out recently but they are useless because they only collect dust in the end.”

Also speaking in August, billionaire financier George Soros, who has donated billions of dollars to liberal causes through his Open Society Foundations, said Italy, led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, was his “plus great concern “.

He explained: “The current government coalition is extremely weak.

“They are only held together to avoid an election in which anti-European forces would win.

“And this is a country that was once Europe’s most enthusiastic supporter.

“Because people trusted the EU more than their own governments.”


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