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Italy’s Gianluigi Paragone has called Ursula von der Leyen’s behavior “inadequate” and “irresponsible” as she struggles to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control. Mr Paragone said the big pharmaceutical companies are now stronger than Europe because they can do whatever they want without any consequences. Former Eurocrat Jean Claude-Juncker also criticized Ms von der Leyen and said it would be “foolish” to start a vaccine war with Britain.

Speaking in the Senate of the Republic, Mr. Paragone declared: “I have proposed to this Chamber a resolution by which the government undertakes to officially request the resignation of Ms. von der Leyen.

“Whose inadequacy and irresponsibility are obvious, be careful not to repeat the mistakes of when you covered President Juncker and his tax magic in favor of multinationals.”

“If it is true, President Draghi, that Europe has called the Covid emergency an unprecedented challenge, then the responsibilities must have first and last names.

“To have hidden the negotiations with the drug giants is scandalous.

“Big Pharma is stronger than Europe because Europe suffers from submission to multinational power, from vaccines to food.”

Ms von der Leyen has been criticized for her inflammatory threats to block vaccine exports to countries like the UK to tackle supply problems in Europe.

The two sides revealed they were holding talks to create a “win-win situation” for both sides in a joint statement released this week.

During the plenary session of the European Parliament on Tuesday, MEPs warned that the UK would fight back if export bans were put in place.

But after research from the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency said the coup was sure, some countries restarted its rollout.

However, vaccine reluctance surrounding the AZ vaccine has worsened as millions of doses go unused in storage despite calls to ban exports.

An alliance of European countries – which includes Ireland, Belgium and Sweden – is fighting against Ms von der Leyen’s proposals and fears a vaccine war could break out.

A senior diplomat said: “Having the stick should be enough, we don’t want to use the stick because it will lead to a lose-lose situation.

“Things shouldn’t turn sour, this is the worst thing that can happen, let’s get back to what we’re all looking for, which is to vaccinate our people.”

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