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Speaking to, the Italian senator called Nigel Farage a “friend” and seemed extremely grateful to the leader of the Brexit Party for having managed to get the UK out of the Brussels bloc. Unyielding Italy should follow Britain’s lead outside the EU and angry at the bloc’s response to the coronavirus crisis, Mr Paragone said he had followed the valuable advice of Nigel Farage never to abandon his cause.

He said: “The most valuable piece of advice I have received is definitely not to give up, as it brought to light what I could already guess on my own, but which my friend Farage confirmed, namely that people will do anything to stop us.

“They will do anything to put us in a corner and trip us up.

“So we cannot give up on this project, which will have a lot of enemies because of its radical nature.

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Gianluigi Paragone launched his fledgling outfit, modeled on Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, last month, the same day the EU unveiled its controversial £ 677 billion coronavirus recovery plan.

The proposals had split the bloc at the European Council summit, with members of the so-called frugal four objecting that much of the figure was in non-repayable grants.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, among others, has suggested that this will lead to a surge in public spending in countries to the south of the bloc, particularly Italy, which have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

Dr Marina Cino Pagliarello, of the London School of Economics, said the prospect of ‘Italexit‘ becoming a reality was distant, but admitted that a growing wave of resentment meant it could not be ruled out at the to come up.

Turning her attention to the founder of the new No Europe for Italy party, launched after a meeting with Mr Farage in London last Monday, she added: “Gianluigi Paragone founded his own party, No Europa for Italy in July after being kicked out. of the Five Star Movement for opposing the party in a government coalition with the Democratic Party.

“Although he is still in the Italian parliament as a senator.

“He’s a former TV journalist who aligns himself with Nigel Farage’s policies.

“As a journalist, he was a kind of genius at the level of political communication, launching his recovery fund party the same day.”



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