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Brexit Party leader Mr Farage, who was instrumental in Britain’s decision to leave the bloc four years ago when UKip leader, and who has remained closely involved since, tweeted the snapshot with a single one word message: “ITALEXIT”. His tweet drew a lot of support, with Hetti Puntin commenting: “Gianluigi Paragone has been insisting on this for months now.” After seeing how the Dutch in particular treated us at the Recovery Fund meeting, I didn’t no choice but to support it as well. . “

Karl Downey added: “#Italeave sounds better than #Italexit. I’m sure they’ll probably have another phrase for that in Italian too. Good luck to them. If #Italy leaves, then the EU is over. EU cannot survive with the departure of two of the Big 5.

Robert Davies said: “Well done Italy. Since adopting the euro in 2000, their economy has stagnated.

“Join the UK as a free and independent state.

However, another Twitter user, referring to his former European parliamentary training partner Guy Verhofstadt’s decision to attend the Liberal Democrats’ annual conference last year, questioned whether Mr Farage should be able to -be sticking to British policy.

He asked, “Big fan of you in the past, but let other countries make up their own mind.

“Look at the effect your friend had in supporting the LibDems. He probably added ten points to the Brexit vote.”

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“A true British patriot, the only one to have dismissed the technocrats from Brussels.

“I confronted him about the present and the future of a truly sovereign country which, even more after Brexit, is capable of providing real answers to citizens in the midst of the post-COVID economic crisis.”

Presenting his objective, the former senator of the 5-star Movement explained: “This is the way forward: we can no longer be blackmailed by tax havens which allow themselves to offend the great prestige of Italy.

“For this reason, on July 23, at 10 am, in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies, I will officially launch my party for Italexit, presenting the name and logo.”

Its announcement comes following the approval of the EU’s £ 677 billion coronavirus bailout by the European Council.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the right-wing Lega party, then lambasted Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, accusing him of “capitulating” to the four so-called frugal – the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden – by accepting concessions and financial restrictions. .

He said: “This is a top-down unconditional surrender to the decisions that in Greece were taken by the Troika and now by the Commission.

“On the amount that we will receive, nothing is written yet. Part of this allocation will be decided in 2023.

“The conditions written into this loan rhyme with tears and blood.”



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