ITA Airways launches ‘upper class’ on all domestic flights from January 10 –


ITA Airways launches “upper class” on all domestic flights from January 10

According to ITA Airways, the Italian national airline offers three travel classes on board its planes: Business Class on long and medium-haul flights, Premium Economy on long-haul flights only and Economy. However, on December 26, the airline launched its new upper class, a service that was present in the former Italian airline Alitalia but had since been discontinued. The higher class will be available on select domestic flights, and later – after January 10 – it will be available across the airline’s entire domestic network.

ITA Airways top class passengers will be able to check-in at Skypriority counters, check in two pieces of baggage weighing 23 kilograms each free of charge, use the expressway system to quickly pass security barriers – at Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate and Turin airports – and have access to priority boarding at the boarding gate.

In addition, customers will have a reserved cabin and the guarantee of always having a free seat next to them, and a dedicated and differentiated catering service according to the time of day.

The cost of the higher class ticket is about double that of the economy class, but on paper it offers more benefits. However, the airport lounges to which a higher class ticket promises access are still inactive and the waiting rooms in Milan and Rome are closed.

In addition, although the first aircraft with the new livery is already operational, the interior of the cabin is still marked “Alitalia”, plastic cups, seats, tissues, etc.

However, the airline is trying to do its best. Following the Italian government‘s requirement for mandatory FFP2 masks on board, ITA Airways has made 100,000 FFP2 courtesy masks available for all its flights for those boarding with surgical masks and / or not authorized for air travel. This is another sign of the customer focused strategy.

In addition, in a press release, ITA Airways recalls that “all the aircraft in the fleet are disinfected with highly sanitizing products every day and that the air on board is not only renewed every 3 minutes but is 99.7% pure. %, like in a clean room. “

ITA ended its short stay in 2021 and expects strong results for 2022. During its short period of operation, ITA Airways carried 1.25 million passengers, exceeding the target of one million passengers planned by the president of the airline. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, the carrier achieved an estimated turnover of 74 million euros between October 15 and December 31.

In 2022, the president expects the airline to exceed 13 million travelers and hire at least 1,000 people based on market trends, reaching about 3,000 total employees. Next year, the fleet – currently 52 aircraft – will reach 84 aircraft with new Airbus aircraft.

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