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The EU faces another crisis after Italian politician Gianluigi Paragone, former senator for the anti-establishment 5-star movement, said it was time for Italy to launch its Italexit “No Europe for Europe” campaign. ‘Italy’ on Thursday July 23. He declared Italy would no longer be “blackmailed” by the Brussels bloc.

He said: “This is the way to go: we can no longer be blackmailed by tax havens which allow themselves to offend the great prestige of Italy.

“For this reason, on July 23, at 10 am, in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies, I will officially launch my party for Italexit, presenting the name and logo.”

Mr Paragone hopes to capitalize on anti-EU sentiment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The politician announced the launch of a single themed party, much like the Brexit Party, to push Italy out of the EU.

He hopes to force a new debate on a potential “Italexit”, as anti-EU sentiment begins to grow in the country.

Many Italians felt abandoned by the bloc at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, as the country quickly became the epicenter of Europe and was ravaged by the killer virus.

He also revealed that he had met with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage to discuss Brexit and get advice on freeing his own nation from the ‘EU cage’.

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Gianluigi Paragone met Nigel Farage (Image: FACEBOOK (Gianluigi Paragone))

He said: “I met Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party in London, which triumphed in the British referendum by pushing the UK out of the cage of the European Union.

“A true British patriot, the only one to have dismissed the technocrats from Brussels.

“I confronted him about the present and the future of a truly sovereign country which, even more after Brexit, is capable of providing real answers to citizens in the midst of the post-COVID economic crisis.”

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Italexit the last

Gianluigi Paragone, former senator for the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, said it was time for Italy to launch its Italexit campaign (Image: GETTY)

Italexit the last

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned that the very existence of the EU would be threatened (Image: GETTY)

It comes after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned that the very existence of the EU would be at risk if countries could not unite to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

He told the Financial Times newspaper that monetary policies alone would not solve the problem.

Mr Conte said: “Monetary policy alone cannot solve all problems; we need to do the same on the fiscal front.

italexit news

European Commission of Ursula von der Leyen (Image: EXPRESS)

“The way forward is to open up MES (European Stability Mechanism) credit lines to all member states to help them tackle the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Meanwhile, an April poll found that 49% of 1,000 Italians polled were in favor of leaving the EU, according to a poll by the Tecne Institute.

This was 20 percent more “Italiexit” supporters than a year and a half ago, when the question was last posed to the public.

The investigation was carried out on April 9 and 10 – shortly before the aid deal.

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