Fly Larvae for Dinner: Purina Launches ‘Insect Protein’ Pet Food


Nestle Purina announced the launch of a new pet food made from protein from insects, especially black soldier fly larvae.

The company said the food “relies on alternative proteins to make better use of the planet’s resources.” The new range includes insects as well as vegetable proteins from beans and millet. “

Purina beyond nature’s proteins will first be sold in Switzerland from this month.

There are two recipes – one made with chicken, pork liver and millet; the second using protein from insects, chicken and beans. Both recipes are available for dogs and cats.

“The insect protein comes from the larvae of black soldier flies, which are already used in animal feed in Europe. Millet and beans provide protein, energy and fiber to aid digestion. All the ingredients are steamed to maintain the quality of the nutrients, ”the company said.

“The new pet food has been developed taking into account the different nutritional needs of cats and dogs, as well as their different taste profiles. The protein sources have been blended to provide all of the essential amino acids dogs and cats need, with varying levels of insect protein for each.

Bernard Meunier, CEO of Nestlé Purina Petcare EMENA, said: “Every ingredient in our food has a function. With our new Beyond nature’s proteins Dry food for pets, we offer a complete nutritious alternative to conventional products for dogs and cats, while preserving the planet’s precious resources by diversifying sources of protein.

We are constantly looking for ways to source ourselves in a long-term sustainable manner while providing the high quality nutrition pets need today and tomorrow.


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