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Spanish MEP Hermann Tertsch said several EU states were becoming increasingly Eurosceptic, following the bloc’s attempts to deepen integration. The European warned that if officials did not change their approach “we will have more exits”.


Mr Tertsch told “Left-handers in the EU are in a hurry because they know that Europe is changing.

“If you see the attitude of the Dutch, Austrians and Finns, they are slowly but surely adopting a position within the European Union which is very similar to the position of the UK for the past 10 years before resigning .

“If things don’t change, if the majority don’t understand a little about the real feelings of people in Europe, I think we will have more exits and not very far in time.

“We will have more exits and everyone will have to reconsider.

“There is no way to achieve a successful state of equilibrium with the plans they have for a great European state.

“It won’t happen because the national forces are really growing in the opposite direction.”

Anti-European sentiment has grown in the Netherlands in recent times, with Prime Minister Mark Rutte determined to avoid an exit from the Netherlands.

The far-right Eurosceptic party PVV, led by Geert Wilders, is the second largest party in the Netherlands.

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“Maybe Italy, the Netherlands, France – whatever country thinks, ‘Well, maybe that isn’t such a bad idea: the United States says we’ll have a lot of trade agreements. ‘”

A third, the Forum for Democracy, is also anti-EU and is gaining ground across the country.

Anti-EU sentiment has also grown significantly in Austria, with right-wing politicians calling for a referendum on EU membership.

Although Finland has been singled out as one of the countries that could leave the bloc by Mr Tertsch, a recent poll suggests support for Fixit is at its lowest.

France and Italy are among the other EU countries with increasingly strong positions against the bloc.

Charles-Henri Gallois, president of the Generation Frexit political campaign group, is convinced that the campaign to get France out of the bloc will be a success – in the event of a referendum on the issue.

At the start of the year, he said: “France can certainly be the next country to leave the EU and we are working on this with Generation Frexit.

“I think if we can get a referendum on Frexit, we will win it because we will have a real debate on the EU, which is not the case in other elections.”



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