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Like the UK, other states will soon be considering their futures under the failed European project, said Marco Longhi. Member states not only live in fear of the organization, but they are terrified of leaving the bloc as they would be punished by Brussels, the MEP said. Commenting on the current situation, Mr. Longi said “I think people live in fear.

“On the European continent, they live in fear of change, the fear of letting go of something very, very big.

“They are afraid, if you will, of stepping into the unknown and of being punished themselves.

“I have no doubt about it.”

Since the UK left the EU, Euroscepticism has grown in some Member States.

Indeed, activists denounced the Covid stimulus fund, the treatment of the UK after Brexit and the lack of inaction in the face of allegations against China regarding ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

Even a leading Europhile Guy Verhofstadt has criticized the EU’s behavior towards China.

Swedish MEP Charlie Weimers also said earlier this year, anti-EU sentiment was now growing in the country.

Indeed, he identified clashes with the UK and the rise of France and Germany as reasons for the growing Swexit movement.

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“Whether they are brave enough to voice their news is a separate question.

“I just cannot conceive that in 10 years we will be looking at the makeup of what the EU project is now and that in 10 years it will be exactly the same.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if this either failed completely or became a much smaller country organization.”

The MEP also warned against plans to create a powerful European nation-state in which the sovereign powers of individual states would be removed.

He concluded: “” I think it is known in wider circles that this has been the plan among EU members, in particular some EU members and the Commission.

“I mean, Guy Verhofstadt has been pretty open about this in a number of his speeches.

“They ultimately want to remove the sovereign powers of each member state.

“If you will, even if each state would then be identified by name, they become a vassal state of that superpower, with all their powers centralized in Brussels and Strasbourg.”

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