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Italy became the first candidate to follow in Britain’s footsteps after a majority of voters gave their support to Eurosceptic parties Lega and Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S) in the last general election of 2018. Fratelli d ‘Italia (Brothers of Italy) MP Fabio Rampelli, whose party also joined the government due to his electoral alliance with Lega leader Matteo Salvini, appeared to indicate that Italexit could still be on the table as ‘he launched a scathing attack on the European Union on Thursday. Speaking to the Italian news channel La7, the vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies declared: “We do not want, as we have always said, to do without Europe but the EU must be radically changed.

“There is a conservative instinct that whatever has been decided – even if it produces devastating consequences socially, economically, financially, on employment and on migration – cannot be touched.

“We cannot touch the Dublin regulation – everyone wants to change it but it cannot be touched. We cannot change it because it requires unanimity and if Liechtenstein says it is not d ‘Okay, the Dublin regulation may’ be affected.

“We have to get along. The EU does not have to be managed, it has to be overhauled and it is crucial that this process takes place.”

Although Liechtenstein and the EU maintain close relations, the principality is not a member of the European Union.

The Italian MEP insisted that the policies that Brussels is currently pursuing do not help member states reach their full potential, as he blamed “selfishness” among larger EU members like France and Germany to retain the others.

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Mr Rampelli continued, “In the age of global markets, with the American giant on one side and China on the other, with emerging economies sprawling all over the place, we need to a strong continent. A continent without selfish behavior.

“And selfishness, with Germany and France in the lead, harms the chances of the EU to be competitive on the international scene, with all the negative consequences that this strategy has on the Member States, Italy in first place.”

Germany and France are considered the most influential members of the bloc due to their prominent roles as the first and second economies in the euro area respectively.

The latest data places Italy third behind the two despite the economic difficulties the Republic of Southern Europe has faced since the global economic crisis of 2008.

Speaking to in June, two analysts chose Italy when asked which EU country would be most likely to leave the bloc next.

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Senior market analyst Michael Brown cited the country’s strongly Eurosceptic coalition government as one of the main reasons Italy is on a “collision course” with the EU.

Mr Brown said Italy seemed more likely to leave the euro area after Deputy Prime Minister Salvini presented a proposal to create a currency parallel to the euro to help fund its debt obligations.

He said: “Rumors abound that this ‘currency’ could be used to facilitate the country’s exit from the euro at a later date.”

Ricardo Evangelista, senior analyst at brokerage firm ActivTrades, said southern European countries have “suffered more from the impact of euro budget cuts” than others, citing Italy as than Greece as examples.


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EU News - Matteo Salvini

EU News: Matteo Salvini broke his coalition with M5S last week (Image: GETTY)

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EU News: Italy is the third largest economy in the euro area (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

However, Mr Salvini announced last week that his partnership with M5S has come to an end when he files a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the Senate.

Speaking to senators in Rome earlier this week, the Lega leader said the government would conduct a planned vote to reduce the number of MPs, but insisted the country return to the polls in the fall.

Italian election could spell disaster for European Union after shocking Ipsos investigation found if a new vote took place, right-wing parties – Lega, the far-right Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia de Silvio Berlusconi would collect 50.6% of the vote.

And the former Italian Prime Minister turned MEP could be the only one capable of preventing Mr. Salvini from coming out on top of the polls. According to pollster Mannheimer: “The only political party that could change Salvini’s number is the one that proposes Silvio Berlusconi as the top candidate.

“He could work a miracle by bringing together centered parties and that could erode part of Salvini’s consensus among disgruntled voters and those who see him as too extreme.”


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