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Opposition to the EU has grown in Italy, with two Eurosceptic politicians suggesting an alliance to get the country out of the eurozone. Now, in the latest poll, readers overwhelmingly support Italy to be the next country to leave the EU. The poll, which ran from 12:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday August 5 and garnered a total of 3,796 votes, asked: “As anti-Brussels campaigns are launched across Europe, who will leave next?”

Two-thirds (67%) of those who voted supported Italy to follow the UK out of the EU as the nation’s frustration in Brussels continues to grow.

The Netherlands, whose Prime Minister Mark Rutte has openly criticized the EU in recent weeks, was far behind with 11% of the vote.

They were followed by Ireland (seven percent), Poland (five percent), Denmark (three percent), Greece (two percent) and France (one percent).

Spain, Portugal, Austria and Bulgaria all attracted less than one percent of the vote, while the remaining four percent voted “don’t know”. readers indicated that the widely supported Italy would be the country to leave the EU, but told anyone who could follow the UK to “get out quickly.”

One said: “I just hope the next one learns from the UK mistakes.

“Don’t leave your leftovers lying around for more than four years. GET OUT QUICKLY.”

A second person wrote: “Hopefully most of the countries will leave the EU like the UK did, and get out as fast as they can.”

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In Italy, Senator Gianluigi Paragone formed the “No Europe for Italy” movement and indicated that he could join forces with Matteo Salvini’s Lega party.

If the partnership helps achieve “Italexit”, the pair could present strong opposition to former European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi as the country’s president.

Senator Paragone declared: “It is certain that I will not be allied with those who vote or appoint Mario Draghi to the presidency of the Republic.

“I have the objective of obtaining the exit of Italy from the European Union.

Along with Italy, the Netherlands have become a fierce critic of the € 750 billion (£ 677 billion) Coronavirus Recovery Fund.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte, £ 677 billion, had denounced the package for using more grants than loans.

The Netherlands – a quarter of the four frugal alongside Austria, Denmark and Sweden – also criticized the seven-year EU budget of € 1,074 trillion (£ 966 billion ).


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