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Eurocrats have paid for their own “standing corps” to patrol the bloc’s borders after Brexit – including its border with Britain. The new troops could be deployed in the English Channel to combat human trafficking between the UK and France. Its creation has been hailed as a huge integrationist step towards a fully-fledged European superstate.

But Eurosceptics have warned that the new armed border guards are a “grim development” in the growth of the bloc’s centralized powers.

Brussels announced that its border agency Frontex will sport new uniforms featuring a flag in a bizarre promotional video earlier this year.

The costume, which comes with a navy-style hat, features a large EU flag on the right shoulder.

Guards will be provided with a variety of matching clothing including underwear, swimwear, flip flops, and designer T-shirts.

Brussels will initially order 1,000 copies of each item, then 5,000, according to a tender document for their production.

German MEP Gunnar Beck said the unveiling of the uniform looked like “a parody of the Starship Troopers movie”.

He added: “When you realize this is coming from the official EU border agency, it becomes much more sinister.

“Border management should be carried out by elected politicians in our sovereign countries, not by irresponsible bureaucrats in Brussels.

“Now the UK has left the main voice against strengthening the EU’s military might. It is a worrying sign that we are marching towards an EU superstate.”

The plans for the federalist body of European border and coast guards were drawn up by the former head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, in response to the migrant crisis of 2015.

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Frontex is already one of the most controversial agencies in the EU.

The bloc’s anti-fraud watchdog is investigating the harassment of migrants and illegal refoulement at the bloc’s external borders.

Frontex said: “This contract will ensure the continuity of the already existing (short-term) supply solutions in mid-period until 2025 for only one part of the permanent equipment of the corps, namely the uniforms.”

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