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Competence, look to the future and transparency. The activity of Cryptosmart, an Italian start-up specializing in crypto-currencies, is based on these pillars. The company was born from an idea of ​​Alessandro Frizzoni, Alessandro Ronchi, Claudio Baldassarri, Massimo Zamporlini, Fabio Persichetti and Alice Ubaldi, professionals with high level know-how who have built leading companies in the field of innovation, raising funds from individuals. international equities and institutional funds. In particular, Frizzoni and Ronchi were among the founders of Ariadsl, the first WiMax telephone company in Italy, and among the leaders of Go Internet, which led the company to join the Aim Italia list.

Criptosmart is a platform that allows professionals and ordinary people with a first approach to the world of cryptocurrencies to buy, sell and deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, tokens and digital assets.

The company, unlike other platforms already present on the market, is a company under Italian law, governed by Italian law and based in Italy, more precisely in Perugia, Umbria. Criptosmart, which in a short time has become a benchmark in the cryptocurrency landscape, has studied its services to meet the needs of Italian users. “As entrepreneurs living in Italy, we realized that there is a lack of access to cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the country, especially for ordinary people – explain the founders – Finance, for be truly democratic, must be easy to manage understand and inexpensive. These are the pillars of Cryptosmart”. “We started from the Exchange service – they concluded – but our goal is to allow everyone to use crypto- currencies in everyday life”. All at affordable prices: account opening and portfolio management are free and transaction commissions range from a maximum of 0.20% to a minimum of 0 %.

Several services are available on the Cryptosmart platform. All with total independence and autonomy, since there are no intermediaries and no one pushes to sell products or advertise.

First of all, the platform offers the Exchange service: a system allows its customers to buy, sell, deposit cryptocurrencies or other digital assets without intermediaries. The client – who has total independence and autonomy – can buy cryptocurrencies and digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polkadot and Litecoin, through a simple bank transfer and also move cryptocurrencies already in its possession to another platform in Crypto Smart. or account.

Cryptosmart has its eyes on the future and has implemented the innovative CSMarket service: for the first time in Italy, in fact, cryptocurrencies can be used in the real economy. It is possible to buy Digital Gift Cards from the best brands of the great Italian distribution from electronics to clothing, without any intermediation by paying in Bitcoin.

In addition, Cryptosmart promotes the development of a new ecosystem for the use of cryptocurrencies in the real economy by replacing money or any other currency: companies can send and receive peer-to-peer payments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrenciesfast and without intermediaries.

It is a service aimed at companies that want to increase their turnover by offering their customers the possibility of paying through the use of cryptocurrency, which is already widespread in developed countries; In a short time, more and more companies will accept payment in cryptocurrencies for their products and services. CSpay also allows companies that receive a payment in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) to instantly convert the cryptocurrency received into Euro, thus collecting in Euro what the customer has paid with his cryptocurrencies, eliminating the exchange risk linked to the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

It will be available soon the staking service which allows Cryptosmart users to make their cryptocurrencies available to participate in the proof-of-stake mechanism used by the blockchain network to validate transactions and register a “new block”. Cryptosmart users will then receive the reward resulting from this activity.


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