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Even with the Eurosceptic Lega party out of danger and a massive € 209 billion sweetener from the EU to help the coronavirus woes in Rome, it still looks like smart money – especially when Italians think it is ‘as net contributors to the EU, it was their money from the start. But I’ve always preferred the longer hits, higher stakes / higher reward bet, and if pushed I would say don’t throw a float back and forth on France.

This morning you could get 10/1.

Which is premonitory because this morning also on the other side of the Channel a small anti-EU pressure group was launched by a certain Charles-Henri Gallois with the slogan “take back control”.

In polite liberal circles, of course, Mr. Gallois (could he be more French with that name) is ridiculed as a hopeless marginal populist.

On this side of the Channel, we have a little more respect for hopeless fringe populists these days.

Funny political nomenclature, that sneering word “populist”, isn’t it? As if being popular with the general public is too dirty for the big guys and the good guys to get dirty.

This is in fact the root cause of the EU’s huge popularity problems – the sheer inability to see life from the point of view of the electoral base.

It is too early to tell what kind of man Charles-Henri is.

At first glance, he is just the latest in a growing clamor of political activists who are simply having enough.

I’m tired of being dictated by the aforementioned arrogant and undemocratic bourgeois of Brussels.

I’m tired of being told how they can and can’t spend their money.

I’m tired of a supranational state being built in silence, while highly paid politicians with their own agendas milk the system using bait and changing tactics to make us look the other way.

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And perhaps even scarier, they’ve had enough of how this inability to connect with the grassroots comes to the aid of the real political lunatics the EU architects desperately hoped the project would stifle forever.

But decades of mismanagement and political disconnection have created the exact opposite.

It is quite understandable that many people, for quite good and laudable reasons, want to leave the EU – there are 17.2 million of us here to begin with.

But the EU has created an environment which also promotes real evil.

There is a yawning chasm between parties and pressure groups that have simply lost patience with Brussels and their more deeply sinister counterparts who use anti-EU rhetoric as respectable cover to hide their racist, homophobic and politically hideous agendas.

Strangely, this yawning chasm does not seem obvious to everyone.

But it has to be. As the EU (and national governments) continue to fail to respond well to the needs of the people and to earn their respect, they are opening doors at the lower end of the political spectrum.

Having a float over the next country to leave the EU is a bit of fun and harmless – but unless Brussels starts to properly address the needs and concerns of men and women on the streets, there is no will have no winners.


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