Betting odds on the next country to leave the EU

  • 27 countries make up the European Union
  • The UK left the EU following a referendum in 2016

The European Union is currently made up of 27 countries across the continent, covering a total area of ​​over 4,00,000.0 km2. The Union allows the free movement of people, services, capital and goods.

However, the UK’s departure from the EU in 2020 following a national referendum in 2016 raised the question, could other nations soon join the British as they leave the EU?

A country to leave before EU betting odds in 2025?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has divided member countries within the EU, with some less willing to accept EU plans to hold Vladimir Putin accountable. This led to the chance of any country leaving the EU before 2025 being reduced to +140.

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Next country to leave before 2025 EU betting odds

Next country to leave the EU Odds
No departure before 2025 -165
Hungary +125
Poland +800
Italy +1000
Bulgaria +2500
France +3300
Austria +3300
Cyprus +3300
Malta +6600

Currently, no country is expected to follow the UK out of the EU until 2025. This selection is currently favored at -165, but recent developments in world stories could have a big impact on some countries.

Hungary +125

According to the latest odds, Hungary is the most likely of the 27 member nations. The main reason for this is that recently re-elected Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a longtime ally of Vladimir Putin.

Orban was responsible for maintaining sanctions against Russia, and his relationship with Putin could be pivotal in the coming months as the EU’s patience could run out.

Italy +1000

Like the UK, Italy formed a vital base of the EU as one of the first nations to join in 1957. The nation also hosted the signing of the European Economic Community Treaty.

Although he has no plans to come out and the idea of ​​’Italexit‘ is often ridiculed, there is a growing Eurosceptic sentiment over the past two hours. Italy’s pro-outgoing members are making their voices heard in the Chambers of Deputies and the Senate, which could be something to watch for in the years to come.

Poland (+800)

Poland is also among the first when it comes to potential nations that could leave the EU. The country depends on coal as its main resource, with 70% of the country’s energy coming from it.

This has angered many miners in the country, given the ecological and greener directions the EU is trying to enter. This could cause a big divide between the nation and the EU, and the Polish government is unlikely to turn its back on miners.

When will Ukraine join the EU?

When will Ukraine join Odds
2030 or later +200
2022 +500
2023 +500
2024 +600
2025 +800
2026 +800
2027 +800

It’s not just countries looking to leave the EU, as Ukraine officially launched its bid to join the bloc after Russia invaded earlier this year. However, it remains to be seen when this might be officially announced. The process could take up to eight years to pass.

The application process was accelerated after the Russian invasion because Ukraine wants to be considered an independent state. In terms of time, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria were forced to wait up to 12 years for their process to join. In the meantime, Montenegro and Serbia have been accepted as candidates but have not yet officially joined.


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