ASU alum works for a fair society after recent master’s degree

September 9, 2022

The School of Politics and Global Studies lays the foundation for success in higher education by creating access to opportunities that spark interest and passion, benefiting students well beyond the university years.

Former Arizona State University political science student Kayla Green recently graduated from the American University School of International Service with a Master of Arts in International Affairs.

Kayla Green
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Green designed the regional and thematic concentrations of her degree herself in order to become a knowledgeable expert in her field of study.

“My MA gave me a better understanding of Africa’s colonial history, comparative political economy, economic development, peacebuilding and much more,” Green said.

His time at ASU in the School of Politics and Global Studies gave Green a solid foundation from which to transition into the field of international affairs.

Through ASU’s Global Education Office, Green was able to complete three study abroad programs, each with an internship component.

“I used those work experiences on my resume to become a better candidate for graduate programs and other job opportunities,” Green said.

While abroad, Green had the opportunity to study in Ghana, Italy and Washington, D.C. through the ASU Capital Scholarship Program. It was abroad that she developed her passion for African affairs and gained life-changing experiences that helped shape her academic career.

Green recommends that all ASU students take at least one study abroad trip to pursue their passions and gain hands-on experience in the job market. Although she needed to take out student loans to fund these opportunities, the programs she took helped her cultivate her academic and professional experience.

“These experiences certainly set me on the path to success, but I also had to take out student loans to fund these experiences which I continue to pay for; it’s not a reality I want to avoid,” Green said.

Green currently serves as an Africa Program Fellow with the Business Council for International Understanding, an organization that provides commercial diplomacy services to major organizations and governments around the world to help promote the expansion and understanding of global trade.

In her position, Green works closely with the Africa Unit, where she conducts research, manages correspondence and assists with program writing.

Green hopes to eventually become a development practitioner in sub-Saharan Africa, where she can help countries with rapidly growing populations develop the capacity of their institutions to better deliver resources and opportunities to their citizens.

Green’s wish is for everyone to live in an equitable society with “autonomy over one’s own life,” in which success is not limited by where you were born or your socioeconomic status.

“Everyone deserves the right to self-realization, and if I can somehow expand access to that in the development sector, it would be a dream come true,” he said. she declared.


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