Borrow money

Borrowing money can be done in many different forms. We provide information and advise in finding a suitable loan product that meets your specific wishes and needs. On our website you can find a lot of information about different loan forms.

We advise in the following forms of borrowing money.

Revolving credit:
A revolving credit is a form of borrowing where you can withdraw an amount of money and pay it off when it suits you. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. This type of loan is extremely suitable when you do not know exactly what amount you need for a loan, such as for a renovation.

Green loan:
A green loan is a loan with the aim of making sustainable improvements to your home. Green investments increase the value of your home and are tax-deductible.

Personal loan:
With a personal loan you receive a sum of money in one go. You then pay repayment and interest until the loan is fully repaid.

Residual debt loan:
A residual debt loan is a form of borrowing that aims to repay a deficit that arose after the sale of your home. This can occur when you have sold your home for an amount lower than the value of your mortgage.

Loan in the red:
An overdraft loan is suitable for redeeming overdrafts on your checking account. An overdraft loan has a much lower interest rate than a overdraft on your payment account and offers the option of regaining a positive balance on the payment account.

Home loan:
A home loan is a loan for home owners. This loan is often used for renovations or the creation of a garden and is often cheaper than a mortgage.

We can advise you in finding a suitable, suitable and responsible loan. You can calculate a loan online via the button below. Or you can request personal advice by calling us on telephone number: 336-429-9959.

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