An overdraft loan

An overdraft loan is suitable for redeeming overdrafts on your checking account. Being in the red on your checking account is very expensive, with interest rates of 14% being no exception! An overdraft loan has a much lower interest rate than a overdraft on your payment account and offers the option of regaining a positive balance on the payment account. This will give you more room to spend.

Loan from Amstel money loan in the red

With a loan from Nember Garden in the red, you can immediately repay the negative balance on your checking account. As a result, you will no longer have to pay the high interest rate of 14%. Instead, you will receive a new loan with a much lower interest. A overdraft loan is therefore extremely suitable for saving costs. In addition, an overdraft loan can give you an overview. For example, because you can repay the loan with a fixed amount per month. This means you know where you stand every month.

Advice on an overdraft loan

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