Revolving credit

A revolving credit is a form of borrowing where you can withdraw an amount of money and pay it off when it suits you. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. This type of loan is extremely suitable if you do not know exactly how much you wish to borrow, such as for a renovation. Or as a safety net for unforeseen costs. In general, the interest rate of a revolving credit is lower than that of other loan forms.

Revolving credit: A flexible and affordable form of borrowing:

  • Determine yourself how much money you withdraw and make additional payments
  • Homeowners borrow at an attractive rate
  • Possibility of additional repayments free of charge
  • Variable interest on your drawn down credit

With a revolving credit, you can borrow up to $ 75,000. You decide whether you want to withdraw all or part of the amount at once. You can easily transfer the money you need to your own account. If you do not use the credit, you do not pay any interest. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn.

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