About us, money and loans

About us, money and loans

Amstel money loan is part of Amstelgeld & Assurantiën . Nember Garden is a financial services provider with many years of experience and specialization in the field of loans. Our aim is to help people obtain the best possible financing for a car, renovation or other purpose. We compare and analyze different loan providers. With this we provide you with information and give appropriate advice based on your personal wishes and needs. You pay no costs for this service! We will give you loan advice, if you follow this advice, we will receive a fee from the relevant authority. So you benefit from free advice, appropriate to your needs, with the lowest interest! On this website you can find information about the different forms of borrowing and different loan purposes. In addition, you can request advice so that we can contact you about a suitable loan.

Amstel money loan, the loan specialist.

What is money

Money is an internationally accepted medium of exchange for goods and services. Many countries have their own currencies and the value of these different currencies is very different from one another. Money comes in the forms of notes and coins. Currency is tangible and consists of banknotes and coins. Cashless money is not tangible and consists of the virtual money in accounts.

What is a loan

A loan is money that is not yours and that you return within an agreed term to the person or institution from which you borrowed it. So a loan is actually a service. You usually pay for services, as well as for a loan. You usually pay interest on the borrowed money. This is a percentage of the loan amount that you pay for the service. Usually the total costs for this service are lower if the term of the loan is also lower. In other words, the sooner you pay back the loan, the less you will pay for the service.

Why borrow money

Someone borrows money to achieve an underlying loan goal . These loan goals can vary widely. Someone can borrow money of their own choice, for example to buy a car . Or someone can borrow because they do not have financial means for, for example, a medical procedure . Borrowing money can be both a necessity and a choice. With sufficient financial capital, a person would not have to borrow out of necessity. Most Dutch people are often not financially vital enough to buy a house, for example. In fact, most people have at least one loan.

Why do banks lend money

Banks earn their money by collecting interest on their outstanding loans. The bank therefore earns its living by taking out loans. They can do this to private individuals, companies, governments or other banks.

Borrow money with a low interest rate

Borrowing with the lowest possible interest is most beneficial for a person who borrows money. Interest rates are constantly changing. It can therefore be worthwhile to keep an eye on interest rates on the market and possibly transfer the loan to another lender with a lower interest rate. This is a job that takes up a lot of your time and can be very difficult. Nember Garden is an expert in this field and can do this for you. Nember Garden is both a specialist in the field of new loans and the refinancing of existing loans. We ensure that you do not pay too much and save on your interest costs!

If you borrow, borrow consciously!

If you decide to borrow, do this consciously. Consciously choosing a loan means that you get good advice and look at which bank or financier offers you the most favorable interest rate, conditions and service. This is quite different. Get good advice from independent professionals and you will not be faced with surprises.

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For more information about borrowing, you can also visit the websites of Nibud or the AFM .