Financing used cars

You want to finance a used car. You have a second-hand car in mind, but you are still unsure about the best way to pay for this car.

Financing a used car, what should I pay attention to?

Just like financing a new car , there are a number of aspects to consider. Do you have the means to fully finance the car yourself? Or would you prefer to take out a loan for this? It is also possible that you finance part yourself and borrow part of the required amount. For the loan amount, it is recommended that you determine in advance how long you plan to use the car. You can take this into account with the term of your loan to prevent you from still paying repayment and interest for something that you no longer use.

Financing suitable loan forms for a used car

A personal loan is often recommended for financing a used car. With a personal loan you receive a pre-agreed amount of money in one go. You then pay monthly costs in the form of repayment and interest.

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