Home loan

A home loan is a loan for home owners. This loan is often used for renovations or for the construction of a garden and is often cheaper than a mortgage. A home owner is eligible for extra attractive interest. In addition, the interest is tax deductible if the owner-occupied home is improved. You do not pay any notary and appraisal costs with a home loan.

Characteristics of a home loan:

  • Extra attractive interest
  • Interest can be tax deductible
  • Often cheaper and easier than a mortgage

If you are borrowing for a remodel of less than $ 50,000, a home loan is probably more suitable than a mortgage. Do you have your own home and do you want to have some extra money on hand? Then a Homeowner Revolving Credit might be an option. As a home owner, you can then borrow at an extra attractive interest rate. Do you need money for a major purchase? Then a personal home loan is a suitable loan.

  • A clear loan: you will receive the amount in one go
  • A well-arranged loan: you pay a fixed interest and a fixed monthly amount
  • A responsible loan: you have repaid the loan at the end of the term

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