There are a few situations in which economic emergencies are approaching. When the unexpected takes the lead, it is time to act very quickly, but without losing your cool.

In general, the first option is to use a friend, or a family member to help us correct the moment; but it happens that there is not always someone at hand who has the money precisely at the moment we need it.

As a solution to these financial slips, internet loans take the leading role. It is that to access them you almost do not need to meet requirements or perform paperwork, or give any explanation about the use that will be given to the money borrowed.

Here we show you where to apply for this type of loan, and how to make the request to get the money in a matter of minutes.

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The main features of the bad credit loans are the speed and simplicity to obtain the money since the request is made through the Internet, does not require paperwork, and is completed within 24 hours of your request.

Bad credit loans through are very easy to obtain, since in addition to simplicity when applying for them, the requirements necessary to obtain their approval are very few.

Step by step, how to apply for a loan

1. Enter the web and complete the form

The first thing you have to do is enter the website of the financial institution to which you decide to apply for your loan to carry out the application through an online form.

On the same page, you can make use of a loan simulator, which will give you the peace of mind of knowing in advance the sum Alfaro that you must return month to month.

2. Wait for approval

Once the online application form has been submitted, you will have to wait for an answer to it, being in some cases immediately. Once the financial risk study on your person is completed, they will tell you if the request has been approved and how to confirm it.

3. Confirm the request

To confirm the request, you will have to verify the data entered, without the need for paperwork or documentation.

4. I received the money

Once the offer is approved, you must enter your CBU so that they can transfer the money to your account within 24 business hours. Yes, that fast.

To make the repayment, from the same account in which they deposited your advance, they will debit the amount agreed on the day of expiration, the number of times as installments your loan plan has.

Once the loan is fully debited from your account, you can access a new advance whenever you need it.

General recommendations on online loans

What do they do

  • When an emergency or an unexpected expense appears.
  • To pay bills, taxes, fees or services, or those purchases you did not have planned or arose at the last moment.
  • To give you the tastes you want, but that are adjusted to your economic reality.

When they don’t agree

  • If with the money you plan to settle previous debts, even less if they were taken in the long term.
  • If you know in advance that its application will be an expense that does not fit your economic reality, and that will only aggravate your financial situation.

Helpful tips

  • Review and read all the Terms and Conditions carefully before accepting them.
  • Think about whether you can reimburse the money in the time you committed.
  • Think about the use you will give money, which is something that gives you usefulness.
  • Do not overdo it and ask for what you really need.